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Junk Cars For Cash Spokane's Privacy Policy


In order for you to use the site to inquire about or obtain our car services, and for us to provide those car buying services, we need to collect certain personal information, including your name, current address, phone number, e-mail address, and vehicle information. 

‌We also collect some information to help make our services better for you. This usually includes social networking information and data collected automatically as a part of you browsing our website, including your IP address, but we also collect wide sector information to help improve our website and make a better user experience for you.


We don't mean the edible ones, of course. Spam e-mail is something no one wants, not even us, so we're never going to share your information with companies that do that. In fact, we'll only share the information you enable with the third party associates that you select, and you're always able to opt out. 

‌We use browser cookies to personalize your experience of our website, and they also help us keep records, track site performance and trends, and run diagnostics to find and fix problems with our system. You're always free to disable them.


Junk Cars For Cash Spokane has taken all reasonable measures to protect your information as much as possible. We keep your data on a secured portion of our servers and it's only accessible by authorized personnel.


Junk Cars For Cash Spokane is only responsible for the information you share with us. We do link to associated companies and other third parties, but we don't control them or what they will or won't do with your information. Be sure you understand their policies before you enter personal information on their sites.


We reserve the right to update this policy at any time. Junk Cars For Cash Spokane may or may not notify you directly, and we may or may not post about these changes on the home page. Changes will always appear on the policy page, so please check back often to stay up to date.